8800 N 112th St.
Ste. 302
Kansas City, MO 64153

Casa Bella Construction has earned a reputation as one of the Kansas City metro area’s premier custom home builders. They are consistent winners of the Home Builder’s Associations’ American Dream Grand Award, Pick of the Parade, and Distinictive Design and Plan contests. They have also won many Kansas City Home and Gardens and Kansas City at Home purblications’ Model of the Year Awards.

Russ Groshans, Founder and CEO, says “Althought it’s nice to be recognized by all these awards, what is most rewarding is the feedback we receive from our clients.” Groshans explains that, “Working with some of the area’s most discerning home buyers continually challenges us to grow in many wonderful ways.” Today’s homebuyers are much more informed than they used to be. They are tech savvy and up to date on the latest design trends, both nationally and internationally. The internet has truly made the world a smaller place.”

Casa Bella takes pride in the broad range of architectural styles they have had the opportunity to design and build over the years. Groshans says, “As long as it is thoughtfully designed and flawlessly executed, all of the architectural designs can be special and have broad appeal.”

As a Certified Graduate Builder and Certified Green Professional, Russ Groshans is well versed on “Best Build Practices,” which he consistently incorporates in all of his homes. His passion for the home building process is infectious. That is most evident when speaking with any of Casa Bella’s talented staff of tradesmen. “The team” as he refers to them, is composed of some of the area’s most highly skilled professionals. These team memebers often refer to Groshans as a perfectionist with an incredible eye for detail. They say that, while the very high standards he sets forth can be difficult to achieve, they appreciate that Groshans is consistent with his expectations.

Groshans is quick to point out that much of Casa Bella’s success is the direct result of the support he gets from his family. His wife, Lise, is a Certified Pulic Accountant, and serves as the company’s Vice President and C.F.O. His daughter, Amber Jury, is an extremely talented artist, who after serving as Casa Bella’s Marketing and Communications Director, recently assumed the role of Chief Design Consultant. According to Groshans, this single change has taken the company to new heights.

He says Casa Bella has always had one primary goal: “To consistently exceed clients’ expectations, while making ourselves better in the process.”